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This blog's objective

Running is both a social and solitary sport.  About a third of the running I do during any given week I do with others.  The other two thirds are often on my own.  During this quiet time, I have a lot of time to think.  Much of what I think about ends up helping me throughout the day and in my life.  Other ideas come and go because I often don't take the time to record them.  I see blogging, like logging my miles, as a way of keeping myself accountable and also sharing what I do with others.  In this sense, perhaps the endless hours I spend alone on my runs won't be interpreted as entirely selfish.  

There is a tendency among bloggers to use their blogs to promote themselves or promote particular products that they either endorse or hope to endorse.  While I see this as an opportunity to reach a greater audience through my running, coaching, and race directing, I will do my best to be genuine when "endorsing" any products I mention.  I also hope that in my efforts to share my thoughts and experiences that I don't come off as completely self-centered.  My true objective is in giving back despite my inability to express myself adequately.

Much of what I plan to share has to do with questions I am frequently asked.  What constitutes a blanced diet?  What is my diet like?  Is there a need for supliments?  How do I recover?  What sort of training should I do?  How do I get through slumps in my training?  Long runs? Injuries? and Self doubt?  How can I design training that works for me and my busy lifestyle?  What are realistic goals?  What price must be paid to achieve these goals?  etc. 

Much of my writing will be based on personal experiences or on the experiences of others.  While I work with and coach several athletes and may refer indirectly to what has been related to me or what I have observed, I believe that the trust that exists between athlete and coach is one of the most intimate of relationships and is absolutely integral to maximizing one's potential and so I will naturally refrain from jeopardizing that trust by elaborating on of the lives of these athletes. 

However, when I am not working or running I am probably reading about running and doubt that I will be at a loss for words when it comes to having material to share.  Not that my knowledge on the subject is complete by any means, but I am constantly renewing the knowledge I have by reading, listening, and expirementing and then reflecting upon these experiences.  Consequently, my knowledge is always developing and my ideas are always in some state of growth or flux.        

Over the next year I hope to regularly record my thoughts, goals, plans, adaptations to plans, and reflections on results.  Hopefully, some of it will be helpful and/or entertaining.  If nothing else, hopefully, this blog will serve the purpose of keeping me accountable for sharing the experiences that I have with others and helping me remember what I learn.